Galaxy 19 Globecast

Easily Distribute Content to Your Viewers in North America. As a content programmer, you want to maximize your revenue opportunities by expanding your reach to audiences who identify with your cultural or faith-based programming. You want people to easily find and watch your content regardless of their broadband reliability at home, with a guarantee that they enjoy a quality viewing experience.

The Galaxy 19 neighborhood, a premier satellite direct-to-home community, gives you instant access to North American viewers with high delivery reliability.

Provide enriching, fulfilling and compelling content to America’s diverse and rapidly growing multicultural communities.

Intelsat’s Galaxy 19 community is the leading source for Free-to-Air multi-cultural channels in the U.S.

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Getting Started on Galaxy 19

Intelsat’s Galaxy 19 neighborhood is the largest independent direct-to-home (DTH) TV and radio community in North America. It enables programmers to provide audiences with reliable SD and HD content tailored specifically to their cultural needs.

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Galaxy 19 Arabic Speakers

The Galaxy 19 neighborhood is the place to be with:

  • The largest independent TV and radio community attracting millions of viewers
  • The greatest share of your target audience
  • A single, reliable distribution solution for the U.S., Canada and Mexico

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Galaxy Connect Viewers

The Galaxy 19 community is designed to connect millions of North American viewers with diverse multicultural and faith-based programming originating from more than 60 countries in 30 languages.

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Maximize Revenue Galaxy 19

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