Digital cinema

Take advantage of the digital transition


We offer a top-notch service for transferring your digital content quickly and efficiently – from site deployment to post transfer follow-up. Globecast Cinema Delivery solution uses dedicated bandwidth to send very large film files to any number of cinemas.

Globecast Cinema Delivery offers you secure and controlled delivery of files to any number of sites at impressive speeds, as well as reduced logistics costs and savings on duplications. Globecast handles everything from the ingest and storage of the DCP files on its premises to monitoring, quality control and delivery notification via SMS or email. The Cinebox and Cineboost boxes used by Globecast allow us to get all available bandwidth from several ADSL lines, speeding up the transfer or your content.



Production and transmission facilites

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News, sport and specials events

We offer turnkey solutions for every type of special event


At almost any news or sporting event around the world, you will see Globecast crews and trucks on the scene or at the starting line.

From regular tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and the World Superbikes to major special events including the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games, as well as breaking news, conferences, elections and more, Globecast is there to manage and deliver SD, HD and even 4K images from the scene to broadcasters and ultimately viewers all over the world - via fibre, satellite and/or IP. 

With a strong reputation for its quality of service as well as for its worldwide presence, Globecast is capable of tailoring solutions to meet the complex needs of both rightsholders and non rightsholders for any size event, with facilities ranging from live stand-up positions to whole broadcast centre. 

Globecast has experienced events teams on five continents connected by our worldwide satellite and fiber network, which gives us real local knowledge and expertise as well as a unique global reach.


Premium worldwide content for the international PayTV marketplace


Globecast Content Aggregation and Distribution (CAD) brings premium channels and PayTV operators together, forging innovative partnerships in the international PayTV arena. Globecast CAD secures distribution for international and ethnic content worldwide. We help channels and content providers find the best market and distribution strategy to further monetize their content.

We have long and established relationships with hundreds of international channels as well with cable, telecom and IPTV bouquet operators. In addition, Globecast is physically present in 17 countries around the world, with a knowledge of each local market. For this reason we have set up Content Aggregation and Distribution teams worldwide to bring broadcasters and bouquet operators together.

From market research that helps us target the potential development of each channel to technical delivery of content to each destination market, Globecast is the partner of choice for broadcasters looking to extend their geographical reach. Globecast works with the broadcaster to determine the most sound and effective approach for expanding coverage.

Globecast also negotiates with bouquet operators, whether they are cable, IPTV, Mobile TV or broadband TV operators. These players are looking to diversify their lineups and develop loyal viewership. International content can be a prime way to accomplish this. Globecast's market research teams show the content's true potential and we often bundle several channels together to deliver an ethnic "package" to the bouquet operator



DHT platforms


km of fibre