Service for a real time switching usage

Receive and/or send a video stream of live events via a secure IP transport network

A French-speaking community of 80 connected customer sites

  • Broadcasters
  • News
  • Politics
  • Sport
Instant network
2 delivery nodes

Our architecture is based on two delivery nodes, TH2 and PAR2, for better security and service redundancy in Seamless mode 2022-7. We manage several formats:

  • HD / UHD,
  • SDI / IP / ASI / DVB-SX,
  • Interlaced or progressive

A secure and multi-usage
exchange point

Instant solution




Why choosing our solution?


Booking Globecast is at your side to assist you in booking and organizing your Transmissions.


An encoder/decoder is available to access to the “Instant” network. We will be able to manage the end-to-end connection from your location to our nodes to ensure quality and availability.


For occasional use, we can also use your connectivity solution in order to make it compliant with all the “Instant” community, through Cloud, Aviwest or ARQ protocols.