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Published on 6 Dec 2017

CABSAT 2018 is earlier than usual, this time from 14th-16th January next year. As usual, Globecast will be exhibiting and you can take a look at what we’ll be discussing preview. Besides visiting our stand, there will be a plethora of technologies and services this year for you to check out.

5 Things CABSAT 2018

Pick a sector

You said Broadcast? Good choice. But you could have said Satellite, content creation, film, music or radio. These, and many other topics, will be discussed at CABSAT 2018, including: AI, the cloud, VR, IP and much more.

Watch TV

Though it sometimes seems to slip our minds when it comes to industry promotion, we do indeed work in the broadcast and online video sector! Tradeshows usually provide an online TV channel with highlights of the event. You can check out last year’s via the 2017 highlights to get a feeling of how useful the show could be in 2018.

Attend Conferences

Cabsat 2018

At CABSAT 2018 there will be more than 300 conference delegates. The agenda is here. From a quick glance, the Global & Local Market Insights & Intelligence discussion on the 15th at 11.40 seems interesting, as does the panel on AI at 13.45 on the 15th. So too the Content Business Models & Monetization session in the afternoon. On the 15th there’s also “Emerging Technologies for TV & Film Production” taking place in the morning and “Buying & Developing New Content, the Foundation for Future Success” occurring in the afternoon.

Attend the GVF summit

This is dedicated to the technical satellite arena and organized by GVF. Panel 1, on the 15th, will address innovation in MENA’s satellite sector. Panel 5 on the 16th will talk about the elephant in the room: the importance of satellite in for 5G in the future. You can register here

Focus on Content Delivery

The number of Over-the-Top services is growing rapidly across the world, not least in MENA. CABSAT has created the Content Delivery Hub dedicated to streaming technologies. It includes the latest innovations, new techniques, monetization strategies and many other subjects of interest if you have business in, or plan to create business in, video and broadcast in this region.

If you have questions or need more guidance, the CABSAT Brochure is here to help. And if you have other ideas of what to do in CABSAT 2018, we’re all ears!

PS: you can already book a meeting with our team