Your vision,
our solutions

As Tony Hall, BBC Director General, said,

 “We have to ride two horses: doing brilliant things on our existing channels and services, but also innovating in the digital space”

That’s why Globecast provides reliable, resilient and flexible solutions so that you stay ahead of the game in a world that’s changing faster than ever.

Female holding a tablet
Satellite & Terrestrial

You need a way to access your content from where it’s delivered, most probably via terrestrial or satellite.

Infrastructure for remote production

As content is now arriving from multiple places, you’ll need to manage it, properly, without wasting time and resources

Cloud playout & pop-up channel

You’ll need to create your channel, or channels. And who said playout?

OTT video

The channel’s ready. Ready for what? Delivery!

Content Acquisition, Aggregation & Distribution

For sure you want to make more money via greater reach with the compelling content you’ve created directly by reselling your channel.

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