With over 25 years of expertise in handling major live Sports events, Globecast has naturally extended its range of services to support remote production globally.

Remote production connectivity from venues to production centers

In addition to our own global networks, we have partnered with leading production facilities and networks across the globe​.

Globecast meshes SDN technologies to minimize latency and maximize quality​.

We provide a fully managed service onsite for delivery and integration of hardware, project management and operations throughout the duration of the event.

Remote production connectivity
globecast media centers

Globecast media centers for hosting remote production services

With our global presence across Europe, Africa, Asia and USA, our four media centers (Culver, Londres, Paris et Singapour) can be your local remote production studio offering a wide range of services:

  • commentary cabins
  • post production and editing stations
  • remote VAR (video assisted referee) center
  • host any bespoke production infrastructure



Why choosing us?


Globecast  expertise  in handling sports feeds is in our DNA. We  build and operate networks with the reliability, large capacity and  latency constraints required for remote production use.

Our onsite project team as well as our 24/7 monitoring and support team have years of experience in delivering broadcast solutions for any sports events interested in remote production: from major championships, multi sports events, to tier2/3 sports, horseracing…

Thanks to Globecast gobal presence we  offer worldwide network services from any  venues to any  remote production center. If required we can go further in providing a complete end to en production service  thanks to our   partnership with sports production companies.