Optimize your primary distribution anywhere with our hybrid, cost-effective, and end-to-end services.

Globecast is the leader in satellite TV broadcasting due to several assets:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Agnostic through different partners
  • Part of Orange group to negotiate the best prices
  • 6 teleports
  • 60 transponders on 23 satellites
  • +4,100 satellite services

Our worldwide fibre backbone provides support for the development of your channel, with 24 PoPs on 5 continents

Satellite and Connect
  • We simplify your connection to major international operators, broadcasters, content owners, playout facilities, media centers and teleports worldwide
  • We offer full redundancy, high security and quality of service thanks to protected circuits, redundant connections and hardware backup
  • Worldwide services and network supervision from technical operation centers operated 24/7 by Globecast

We offer a managed delivery to any internet connected point including Cloud, with the best video and security protocols

  • You can launch worldwide channel deployment within few weeks
  • You can localize your streams and easily increase your coverage
  • We are able to help you to optimize your distribution costs and target the right affiliates wherever they are
Satellite and Connect



Our Hybrid Delivery Portfolio

Functionnal diagram



Key benefits of our solution
Worldwide satellite network

For a long term delivery with a large scope of affiliates, our Satellite network covers all the continents, through 21 positions worldwide both premium and cost effective

IP terrestrial network

For a long term delivery with a selective scope of affiliates, our Connect solutions help you to get the most cost effective service through our worldwide IP terrestrial network with 240 destinations and expandable.

Cloud based solution

For a short term delivery, our Cloud based solutions allow flexibility and fast switches through a user friendly web interface, with high reliability and resilience