Globecast helps media companies and content owners/aggregators transition to digital or relaunch their OTT offering, allowing them to go direct-to consumer, reaching a growing online audience, learning from data and accessing new monetization options.


OTT for Telco & Pay-TV operators

We help Telcos & Pay-TV operators launch or migrate to OTT future-proof platform to bring modern video features to their users, at home or on the go.

Globecast, at the heart of a winning ecosystem of partners, designs, integrates, deploys and runs a full service platform, from video preparation and delivery, to back-end service delivery platform, up to front-end applications and websites.

Telco and Pay-TV operators

OTT for Broadcasters

We help Broadcasters reach their online audience on any screen, providing access to live Radio/TV and on-demand content.

Globecast provides the video preparation and delivery stack, combined with existing or yet-to-launch online website and apps, with business impactful audience metrics and most requested monetization option, including linear TV targeted video ad replacement (DAI).

OTT for Sport federations/teams/clubs

We help Sport federations/teams/clubs to reach, grow and satisfy their fan base with live webcasting of integral competitions complemented with on-demand for extras content.

Globecast provides a well-known and recognized network operation center (NOC) to handle the busy days of competitions with several concurrent games for live streaming to online social video platforms and your new sport direct-to-consumer video platform, allowing modern fan experience, such as fan engagement with interactivity, choose camera angle, user-selected multiplex of concurrent games, watch together, etc.


OTT for Concert organizers

We help Concert organizers complement on-venue events with online webcasting to reach a much broader audience in a post-COVID era..

Globecast takes care of the video delivery path, from venue to our media management hub and then to any device, using social video platforms or our large audience scaling, reliable and cost-effective content delivery network (CDN), combined with your existing ticketing platform or by integrating with our pre-approved partners in our winning ecosystem..



OTT Video by Globecast

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Our OTT Video solution includes various “front-ends” allowing your audience to access your content on any screen and from any platform, on desktop/mobile web and apps for mobile, tablets, Smart TVs, etc, as well as on social video platforms.

Thanks to our OTT D2C solution, learn or confirm when is your online primetime, what is your most popular content, who is your audience (socio/demo/geo audience profile), etc.

Value your data-based business insights with distribution partners, take payment from users’ subscription or per-title, generate ad revenue from display ad server, insert video ads before/during/after your content, replace broadcast linear ad breaks with targeted video advertising, call for donation, include link to merchandising e-shops, etc.