Live events coverage requires flawless organization and multi-faceted experience.​ Stay focused, with Globecast, you can concentrate on how to expand your audience and get the most out of your content


Solutions for Major events

#1 global satellite & fiber network for contribution​

Unrivalled expertise across all global sports events​

We handle multiple-feeds and deliver unilaterals from International Broadcast Centers to premium takers worldwide via our Globecast hubs around the globe​

We offer an end-to-end solution, with comprehensive monitoring and customer support capabilities thanks to our 24/7 MCRs and hotline

Major events Globecast solutions
Medium events Globecast solutions

Solutions for Medium events

A hybrid, Ka/KU-band satellite connectivity, Internet and cellular bonding offering high flexibility when cost effectiveness is key​

Embarked on flyaways (sat), flycases (IP) or Globecast vehicles (SNG) which can include light production services ​

This solution is ready to use thanks to the plug and play setup and your content will be available wherever you want it, when you want it​

Solutions for Small events ​& back-up

The underlying technology bonds together bandwidth from multiple networks: cellular, wifi, IP, Sat, in real time, to create high bandwidth broadcast quality connectivity​

It’s easy to use, extremely cost-effective and can be deployed in places where terrestrial network is not present and satellite use is cost-prohibitive

Small events globecast solution

One-Stop-Shop for Sport & Live Events


Functionnal diagram

We offer hybrid connectivity to optimize cost using Ka/KU-band satellite, fibre, Internet, cloud & cellular bonding.

We offer an end-to-end solution. We design and build services taylor made  to your needs for you event  so that you can concentrate on making the best of it and rely  entirely on us for transporting your  live  feeds and data.

With 6 hubs around the globe ( (Paris, London, Rome, Singapore, Los Angeles, Johannesburg), our booking centers are open 7 days a week. Our 24/7 helpdesks are available  for supervision and to answer any customer queries.