Because we are all over the globe, our executives come from everywhere and work where they are needed, where their experience is the most fruitful. From the French CEO Philippe Bernard to the Serbian CEI Regional Manager, Biliana Pumpalovic, we provide you with a world of helpful executives.

Philippe Bernard
Chairman & CEO Globecast Group
Sylvain Merle
Yann Madeleine
Director of Sales France
Stéphanie Diamand
Head of legal & Chief Compliance Officer
Antoine Guilbaud
Biliana Pumpalovic
Managing Director CEI
Juliet Bayliss
Sales Director UK
Alan Hird
Managing Director Africa
Eddie Ferraro
Managing Director Americas
Shakunt Malhotra
Managing Director Asia
Giorgio Giacomini
Managing Director Middle East North Africa
Liz McParland
Samuel Lemercier
Managing Director UK
Alessandro Alquati
Managing Director Italy