Our VOD Logistics Service is a one-stop shop  using our highly evolved content processing and packaging engine, we can provide a complete end-to-end managed VOD service, including ingest/storage, formatting, conforming, subtitling, graphics, metadata and artwork.


Simplify your operations with a highly optimised process that handles VOD and metadata delivery to your affiliates.


  • Accelerate Affiliates On-boarding  – Our International media centres manages a network of pre-integrated affiliates and has vast experience of quickly onboarding new platforms and are able to address a diverse range of requirements.


  • Automate process for VoD file processing and delivery
VOD logistics
VOD logistics diagram

Why choosing our solution?



You can chose your own offer and only pay for what you need thanks to our modular approach including : transcoding, packaging, storage, QC, compliance, artwork and graphics, audio, subtitles, DRM…



A large portfolio of affiliates already onboarded:

+600h from all Globecast media centers worldwide (Singapore, London, Paris & Los Angeles)

More than 30 affiliates around the world


We commit to be reactive, to deliver quality and to proactively manage your operations needs.