Create and manage international channels quickly and efficiently with minimal upfront investment

Linear playout for live and file content

Playout of locally stored media assets controlled via schedules  with option of  live  inserts from event sites. Simultaneously broadcast as two or more streams from one playout source (e.g. HD & SD simulcast with different channel brandings)

Linear playout
Popup channels

Popup Channels

These channels are activated based on needs, e.g. a sports event. They may last for oen week to few months. Playout of a unique channel from media assets with option of live inserts from Cloud.

Disaster recovery

Minimum assets based in cloud for channel origination incase of main channel origination site fails. Techncial configuration of channel ( video resolution, audio details, bit rate etc.) are stored in form of IaC (Infrastructure as code). Cloud instance are activated based when DR is activated. Typically minimal price is charged on monthly basis but price is ramped up when DR is activated

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Cloud disaster recovery
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What makes our solution reliable

Our Orchestrator integrates playout ecosystem using "software based" solution in cloud which has all the functionality of traditional hardware-based playout systems and encoder cards
Our solution is based on agile approach driving full value for your channel operations.
Our service is based on AWS and could be developed in an other (Public or Private) Cloud environment depending on your requirements.

The benefits of the cloud

Quick to the Market

Flexible Terms

True Global service

Try new business models based on need of your local markets

Pure opex model from pay as you use to multi year long term contract.

Nearer to the market or try different markets under same contract term