Your vision, our solutions

As Andrew Heyward, former CBS CEO, once said:

“Every company is a media company.”

In a media world that’s changing faster than ever, we’re here to help you. We have a portfolio to fit your needs and we have teams dedicated to tailoring solutions and making them perfect for you.

Satellite & Terrestrial

You need a way to access your content and move it to where you want, most probably via terrestrial or satellite.

VOD Manager

Because content is coming from all over, you‘ll, of course, need to manage it properly.

Playout and Cloud Media Services

Now maybe you want to create a channel, perhaps for internal use; perhaps externally. Creating a live channel ranges from “click and watch” to “let’s sit down and define the infrastructure and playout management”. It can be a little scary; we’re here to take you through the build-up, launch and then the running of it. You only have to decide what you want to put out.

TV Everywhere & OTT Video

If you’re putting it online, you might want a TV everywhere solution.

Have specific requirements or need some help?