In time of high stress and pressure, when your media service suffers a critical outage, it is comforting to have Globecast as your Disaster Recovery partner.

Disaster Recovery for Channel Playout and Origination

Thanks to its proven expertise in Media Management for channel playout and origination, combined with its cloud expertise, Globecast can provide the outsourced and managed solution you require to restart your channel in case of disaster, including advanced signal processing in place for elements such as audio-description tracks that are often mandatory to carry the TV signal.

Channel playout
Channel delivery

Disaster Recovery for Channel Delivery to End Users

Thanks to its variety of managed telecommunication solution, including SNG trucks, satellite transmission fly-aways, video fibers, IP and cloud connectivity, supporting all combination of legacy or IP-based transport protocols, Globecast provides the reliable connectivity to fetch the signal for your various source sites (main/backup) and deliver to any audience platforms.

Disaster Recovery for satellite uplinks

When the outage strikes your satellite up-linking facility, there are only a few trusted partners that can really take care of the job for you. Thanks to its network of interconnected first-tier teleports sites, Globecast provides the needed satellite up-linking services to the required satellites you are using.

Satellite uplinks





Globecast has built a strong and recognized expertise when it comes to cloud media platforms. These cloud platforms are cost effective for DR use cases, thanks to the pay-as-you-go model and easy to start for the periodic test periods. It is also easy to adapt to mimic evolutions happening in your main media facility and stay in-sync. Cloud combines very well with on-premise services: Globecast may also provide a safe venue for your rescue team to come and establish during the crisis period.

Globecast is historically the industry champion in the domain of video transport and delivery, combining broadcast legacy and modern IP-based technologies to build the hybrid network that best suits your requirements.

Globecast operates a number of 6 sites, geographically sparse across several continents, to hosts its satellite teleports. All these sites are interconnected with our own broadcast-grade reliable terrestrial network.