The impact of content piracy on your business may be significant. By investing in a global content security strategy you protect your content, your brand and in the end your business. Globecast can be part of the content security strategy.


Content identification

For non-linear video content workflows and live events, it is important to uniquely and distinctly identify the content that is processed by you or your partners in the professional media supply chain. Globecast works with Viaccess-Orca to add transparent, resistant and invisible identification watermarking to your content. This allow you to track when your content is used, sometimes outside of the permission granted.

Content identification
Anti-piracy for TV and live events

Anti-piracy for TV and live events

For the delivery to a paying audience of your linear TV channels or live events, Telcos and Pay-TV operators may want to scrutinize content leakage from TV set-top-boxes within their network of legitimate subscribers. Globecast is working with Viaccess-Orca to provide both subscribers identification marking technology in the broadcast or broadband domain, combined with “Eyes-on-Piracy” content leakage monitoring service.

Access control for contribution live feeds and television distribution

Satellite contribution from the venue and primary distribution to permitted takers requires the right content encryption tools and access control technology. At the end of the chain, the delivery of the Pay-TV television signal also required conditional access system (CAS). Globecast works with major CAS vendors since many years and has built strong expertise in advance settings and combination of several CAS systems (Simulcrypt).

access control
Cyber security

Cyber Security

Some of your IT is connected to the Internet, some is supposed not to be. But most- if not all – of your systems are part of a local network. Software, hardware IT and legacy broadcast systems are subject to cyber threats. Globecast is working with Orange Cyber Defense to provide security services such as audits and penetration tests.

Our solution’s benefits





“Eye-on-Piracy” by Viaccess-Orca, working with content preparation by Globecast, is a managed service that takes away from you the burden of monitoring pirates’ activities and keeping up-to-date with an always evolving threat.

Globecast is the specialist of the processing and transport of live ad-hoc and permanent video services. Putting content security at the core of these services is just straightforward.

Globecast, Viaccess-Orca and Orange Cyber Defense are part of the Orange Group and are sisters companies. Together, we provide the right combination of technologies, expertise and 24×7 managed service operation.