Globecast Cloud for Media helps our customers serving their digital transformation by providing its high level expertise for consulting, design, integration and operation of Media services in the Cloud.


Globecast has, for several years, acquired and developed infrastructures, operational models and extensive experience in the field of virtualization and the cloud, to best support our customers in their digital transformation, with a wide range of hybrid or full cloud solutions.



Pay per use




Built on software resources and networks in SaaS mode, on-demand and scalable, with unlimited storage and a completely unified and standardized security policy, all operated in a DevOps mode for an optimal reactivity, our cloud solutions provide you with the best flexible service at the worldwide level.


In addition Globecast is perfectly mastering Infrastructure as Code (CSI Award in 2020) for managing and provisioning cloud resources through machine-readable definition files.

You pay only for what you need.

Our business models are suitable for all types of service, from events lasting a few hours to permanent service, thus avoiding any financial risk.


Certifications: Globecast is fully compliant with the ISO 14 000, ISO/CEI 27 000 and ISO 50 000 standards, guarantying the best of breed in terms of environmental, security and energy performance management. Globecast is part of Trusted Partner Network for handling high value content and has been awarded by CSI for Infrastructure as Code in 2020.



Globecast is the assurance of giving you the choice.

We already have services in Public Clouds like AWS (we are an AWS partner), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, and in our own Private Cloud.

Our policy is to offer a wide range of choices in order to best meet your challenges will they be financial, technical, legal or sovereignty.

Our multicloud offer also provides the ability to best secure your services.

As a full subsidiary of Orange, Globecast can as well rely on Orange Cloud for Business solutions


Our Cloud Services

Cloud playout & pop-up channel

A one stop shop for your linear playout services. Our hybrid cloud infrastructure combined with our innovative Media Orchestration and in-house expertise are the best guarantees for providing you with an optimized, flexible and efficient playout service. Our flexible and optimal cloud playout solution for answering any of your pop-up channel needs associated to specific events.

Satellite & IP Connect

Your feeds distributed everywhere via the cloud, quickly and safely, with our Managed Cloud Network solution. Deliver your contents over cloud or Public Internet with our optimal, flexible, secured and fully controlled XN Edge streaming service

OTT video

Our cloud-native end-to-end OTT solution, for an optimal, scalable and secured Direct to Consumer service based on the best of breed technologies. Your live events distributed through our cost-effective adhoc OTT solution including advanced customer experience features.

Globecast Cinema Delivery

Digital transfer solution for film and cinema content to theaters, from the Cloud. The elasticity of cloud allows to easily scale up when theaters fetch the most wanted movie package all at once, then scale down

Captive Audience

Digital signage solution for Workspaces and point of sales, from the Cloud to any site.