“We need to widen the range of viewing opportunities to satisfy viewers and the public.”


Your vision, our solutions

If you’re a pay-TV operator or telco, it’s obvious that you won’t share precisely the same requirements. But when it comes to video, content, subscribers, and security, you’ll still have a lot in common.

We have teams ready to discuss and understand your business so that we can provide ideas and solutions tailored to your needs.

OTT video

Because streaming is not an option anymore, we propose specific services so you can provide secured TV Everywhere and OTT services to all your subscribers.

VOD logistics

On top of that, we can help you manage all the compelling content you have the rights for, no problem at all.

Cloud playout & pop-up channel

Maybe you’d like to create a channel of your own? One that you can customize and manage or one that someone else handles for you? That’s no problem either.

Have specific requirements or need some help?