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What is Globecast’s CAAD Service ?

Based on our content rights expertise, our technical infrastructure and our marketing expertise, we help broadcasters to distribute their content more widely and we help operators to enrich their TV offering.

Content Acquisition, Aggregation & Distribution is our bundled offer, targeting TV operators / platforms, including:

  • Content licensing (linear TV channels)
  • Content compliance services in order to adapt international content to local cultural constraints
  • Technical signal and delivering to operators platforms, via suitable distribution (satellite, dedicated fiber or public internet), using our global technical facilities
  • Marketing campaigns to promote the licensed content
Channels acquired

Thanks to Globecast’s CAAD Service, you increase your audiences!

Why should you choose Globecast?
Our added values

Globecast helps operators to increase their value of international channels, in both residential and hospitality markets

Globecast is a one-stop shop for international channels:

  • We provide you with relevant international channels
  • If necessary, we adapt international channels to your local distribution constraints (rights, culture)
  • With cost-effective technical solutions, we capture and delivery the channels to your platform

Globecast’s marketing expertise: market intelligence, channel packaging, promotion and pricing strategy for international channels via online and offline campaigns

Our differentiation

Product: One-stop shop supplying international channels. We provide operators with a bundled offer (content, technical services, marketing)

Service:  Our local legal and multicultural expertise assures your content’s legacy and monetization (Compliance, Online and offline marketing campaigns)

Price: Flexible business models, based on revenue sharing

Brand: Strong brand awareness of Orange and Globecast across the video industry

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