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Published on 30 Mar 2018

Are you going to NAB Show this year? We will be there in full force. As always, we are very excited to be meeting with our customers and partners. One question we’ve thought about: how will NAB Show be different this year? You may have had the same thought, so here are seven things you might not know about NAB.

1.   It was once called NAR(T)B

Sometimes we mix up NAB and the NAB show. NAB was founded in 1922 by Eugene F. McDonald. In 1951, it grew to become the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters. In 1958, someone may have realized that adding letters would not help to remember the name, so it was changed back to National Association of Broadcasters, which is the name it has kept for 60 years.

2.   It traveled a lot: Chicago, Washington, Dallas, Houston, New York, Las Vegas

The first show was not held in Chicago but rather in New York.  In the first two decades of its existence, going to NAB meant traveling to different cities including: Atlantic City, Cleveland, Cincinnati, San Francisco, St. Louis and Chicago and Washington during the 50s and 60s. Then Houston in 1974 and Las Vegas in 1975 for the first time. From there it traveled to Dallas in 1979 and then back to Vegas in 1980.

3.   You can schedule an NAB tour

You’re in a hurry! You don’t have time! You want to make the most of your time at NAB. After meeting us on our stand SU 11406 CM, you can schedule a tour. As NAB Show says: “Designed for audio, video and IP professionals, the tour is a walking brainstorm.” And you can also take a tour of the M.E.T. 360 studio (30 minutes) by registering online. It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4.   You can schedule a DAM(n) tour

MESA, the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance, also offers a tour. Called the DAM(n) tour, it’s dedicated to Digital Asset Management and to quote MESA: “At each stop we will explore the technology, review capabilities, discuss challenges and current trends in the asset management space. Tour participants have their questions answered by leading experts and explore the technologies that complement your company’s overall content strategy.”

Mary Yurkovic, Director, Smart Content, MES,A will be your tour guide! Oh, and we’re part of the tour so we’ll be happy to chat with you too.

5.   It integrates the latest trends

There are many reasons why we love NAB, one being that it always offers the latest technologies. Here are some things at NAB this year that you might not be aware of:

Streaming summit: NAB says, “On Wednesday the 11th, the Streaming Summit by Dan Rayburn, focuses on the business and technical challenges in packaging, monetizing and distributing video across the broadcast, media, publishing and marketing verticals.” It includes 20 conferences, from sports to AI, codecs to latency.

Esports: Get in on the action: Six conferences to “Learn what matters and how to leverage this growing audience”. On Wednesday the 11th (what a busy day.)

CDSA Content Protection and Cybersecurity Summit: This is a half -day session being held on April 8th. It’s dedicated to security, in partnership with MESA. “Whether it’s film, subscription or broadcast TV, media and entertainment is a high-level target for global piracy.”

6.   You can Braindate!

Braindate? We like this idea. We’re talking about participating in one-to-one or small group conversations where everyone shares their knowledge and expertise.

7.   It is worth $20.5Bn purchasing power

But you knew this, didn’t you? It’s on the show overview page and is for sure one of the reason you are going to NAB! We feel its worth the reminder that NAB is where business happens.

If you’d like to learn more about Globecast, please visit us at stand SU 11406 CM to check out our 4K Cloud Playout solution, discuss Internet contribution or media management and social media or Book a meeting!

PS: Thanks to Radioword, TVTechnology and Wikipedia for the information.