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Published on 28 Aug 2018

By: Laurène Toustain, digital marketing manager for broadcast solutions

There are so many ways to distribute your content to audiences, with two of the main of course being satellite and fiber. But have you thought about using the internet?

This offers a lot of benefits.  If you are looking for good reasons to distribute your broadcast feed over the internet, here are nine reasons why.

1.It’s worldwide

An internet-based delivery solution has global reach and can be used to attract new audiences in new places.

The truth is, wherever there is internet access, you can distribute some video content. Using the internet, you can have someone access content and they are then able to send it easily anywhere else the internet reaches.

And guess what? The internet is almost everywhere!

2. It can address different usages

Video over the internet is not exactly new. CDNs have transported billions of videos for streaming but public internet can also be used for contribution. It’s not necessarily ideal in every circumstance, but it’s clearly a real-world option today live events, for example.

3. It can address even more usages

Using internet delivery is very flexible and offers a lot of fresh options. You can use it to control and monitor your feed, but also as a backup solution for distribution and contribution. It can also be used for disaster recovery in a highly cost-effective way.

9 Reasons distribute broadcast over internet - usages

4. It’s cost effective

When the number of sites you need to reach is low, using the internet can be more interesting for content providers. IP delivery is the cheapest way to deliver content at broadcast-grade to a small audience. However, satellite remains more viable when addressing a large audience.

5. It’s easy to configure

Our GCXN, internet-based delivery solution benefits from fast setup, and depending on the exact requirements, it can be up and running in only three weeks.

Distribution broadcast over internet - implementation

6. It’s secure

In this hyper-connected world, security issues are a major concern. According to the IABM’s End-User Survey data, company size matters a great deal when it comes to cyber security. In fact, most organizations with less than 500 employees have not experienced any cyber-attacks in the last three years, while organizations with more than 500 have; for organizations with more than 10,000 employees the “yes” percentage skyrockets to 83%!

Among other features, embedded AES encryption and firewall functionalities are deployed to ensure secure transmission over public networks.

7. It’s scalable

What is more scalable than the internet?

8. It’s reliable

The internet is reliable and is very often, in the case of a disaster, one of the best ways to communicate. Our GCXN solution is builds upon that reliability. On top of that, we’re introducing a double ISP feature so that in case one ISP has a problem, the second one can handle your traffic.

9. It’s flexible

« IP offers far reaching benefits not available in a fixed SDI-type environment of both scalability and the flexibility to be able to reconfigure workflows on demand as requirements change. »

Stan Moote, Chief Technology Officer at IABM

To find out more about GCXN, Globecast’s IP-based delivery solution, meet the expert Benoit Lenoble, International Terrestrial Networks Solution Product Manager at IBC 2018, Hall 1 Booth A.29.

Distribution broadcast over internet - Meet the expert