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Published on 9 Dec 2021

What is going on behind OTT video ABR streaming and its entire process is a bit more complex than traditional broadcasting. However, the launch of your OTT video service was successful. Well done, you did it! It was not easy, but you have done a great job.

What was right in this launch? Let’s have a look at the highlights of this success:

  • Define THE perfect mix for this service: The purpose of OTT platforms is to deliver content direct to consumers (D2C). That is the key: It is fundamental to focus on content creation and also its distribution. What content, on which device or app stores and in which commercial bundles are the top three questions to ask yourself if you want your audience to be engaged.
  • Improve the user experience with UX/UI: It should not be neglected, as much as the web portal and mobile apps are used. Customers’ satisfaction is enhanced when the platform offers usability, flexibility and efficiency. It represents a significant role in the preservation of your leads, with friction-less payments to minimize basket drops.
  • Deliver media content the right way: The recipe for making an OTT service thrive is to focus on content preparation and distribution. Make sure to choose suitable formats and get your content protected. Globecast supports you in how you have your media content delivered by proposing a transcoding ladder, HLS/DASH formats, tokens, DRM, and CDN delivery.
  • Define the appropriate metrics: The various usage dashboards provide pieces of information on your audience, content or revenues. OTT metrics are giving you a comprehensive look at your media content business.


Congratulations! You won the game! Now, what do you need to keep in mind in order to win the OTT game? Here are 8 challenges you need to overcome to become a real champion:

  1. QoE: Maintain a high quality of service

Of course, great content is essential, but it is no longer enough. The QoE is a true challenge for OTT service providers as this will make the difference between your services and others. But notice that it is not rare to encounter issues linked with users’ quality of experience because of the evolution of technology and next-generation video formats. Is there a problem? It would be best if you detected and resolved it. So ask yourself regularly if the media watching experience is staying suitable for your users and if you can monitor it.

  1. Apps evolution: Make it your best ally

Technological development is not making things any simpler, and it could even become a real issue. So you should, above all, be very conscious of the need to cope with the new technical requirements from the app stores. Don’t underestimate the effects of evolving data privacy concerns. This omission could make things go wrong. Besides, the growing OTT app usage is making users more and more demanding. Always consider proposing new features allowed by devices and operating systems that are not yet in your app UX to guarantee your business continuity.

  1. Beware of peak time

Have you ever suffered from complaints related to peak time? Know that peak time issues are impacting many OTT platforms. Several problems may occur: Users are sometimes failing to log in or unable to stream the content they want, potential users are failing to register or pay, the CDN fails to cope with load… and finally, your QoE is falling too!

  1. Content quality: Think further and make extra

OTT refers to high quality. The content feature remains a considerable challenge for any OTT service provider, and its improvement is a matter. Did you start with HD quality and now intend to add UHD content? What about better audio? Have you thought about adding multi-language audio or maybe subtitles tracks? There are multiple ways to improve your content and to offer a unique experience for your users.

  1. Enhanced live features

Have you already implemented a live streaming experience on your OTT platform? That’s a great start! Live content is a must-have feature for a successful video platform. But you probably started with traditional live watching. By now, how does it sound to you to introduce advanced features such as time-shift live TV, a faster (or slower) playback speed, or whether the ability to watch a live together with friends… There are several ways to make your OTT platform grow by differentiating your offering and enhancing live features.

  1. Win customer loyalty

Do you feel able to monitor the churn rate? Is customer retention a myth? For every content provider, it is crucial to retain and build a long-lasting relationship with existing customers. Loyalty is one of the biggest challenges facing OTT platforms, as customers may only need your service for a while. It is in your interest to understand the reason why some users are leaving. Do you feel able to address their concern? The critical issue is adding value and paying attention to your customer’s needs without risking losing your existing ones.

  1. Make customer engagement rise

Providing a high-quality customer experience in a growing market is one of the biggest challenges for your business. The secret is in the making of an emotional connection between the customer and your brand. It’s not easy to do, but it plays a significant role in the success of your OTT service. So you need to ensure your growth by establishing and implementing the appropriate strategies. Customers are particularly receptive to personal communications and the emotional link they build with a brand. You can improve your engagement by convincing users to come back frequently, generate interaction, make them consume your content more and longer and compel them to recommend your service.

  1. Business model challenges

The core of your business model is its offer. Again, content is king. Think broadly about your business model and intend to introduce an innovative one. Consider a high end paid subscription that offers the highest quality, more concurrent linked devices or even the implementation of a family account option. The more you offer, the more you get. Need more? What about business expansion by entering new territories? It seems to be a fantastic idea, but keep in mind that you would have to make changes concerning currencies, other CDN footprints, and probably different content mix. New territories mean adaptation.

Hence, if you had to recall one thing to keep your OTT platform successful, it would be to keep investing. Perform it in various ways: elaborate unique content, manage user’s experience, acquisition and loyalty. And obviously, take note of the OTT video technologies such as back-end, front-ends, app stores, ad platforms…

Wonder how you can get all of this done?

Globecast, as the OTT video industry specialist and system integrator, stands at the core of the OTT partner ecosystem, where all those issues can be addressed with the best in class market solutions.