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Published on 6 Sep 2022

Get the winning training with a complete Media Supply Chain

So, you’re ready to compete at the best sporting venues thanks to remote production. You have maximized your presence and the benefits. Great! Now, before you can win the game, you still need to train quite a lot. Different areas of your media supply chain such as live sports, live news, VOD and social media all require different training. You’ll need different qualities/characteristics to win on different types of surface. With a proper media supply chain in place, you can train for every aspect and be ready to win the game.


  • VOD logistics:

When you train, some exercises are fun and you’re looking forward to them and some are tedious and you tend to shy away from them. VOD logistics, meaning onboarding new partners like telcos, broadcasters or content owners and handling all the associated content requirements (with every single detail taken care of) can be quite a strenuous exercise. But if you don’t go for it, what are you going to win with your 50-piece content catalogue? Or your three documentaries that are played out on repeat? Nothing. That’s why VOD logistics  necessary and we are here to remove the pain from those processes

  • Linear

Some may argue that in 2022, you didn’t really need to train to get your linear channel right. It’s true that the linear channel has been mastered for years but  you still won’t win the linear channel game if you don’t train.

-Can you handle advanced localization options? Multiple advertising/ad-insertion options? Advanced graphics, branding and editing? Live feed reception from everywhere and anywhere? What aboutdifferent language and localization more generally?

-What about disaster recovery and business continuity functionaly?

-Are you 4K/UHD and ATSC3.0 ready?

If not, your training isn’t  maximizing your potential.

  • On demand pop-ups

Because it’s 2022, mastering the linear channel means also being able to plug and unplug channels based on needs. Again, it sounds easy but you don’t want to have to deploy the same effort for a pop-up channel as that for a regular one. So again, you need to train to master this and therefore not spend too much time in the set up or the operational phase.

  • Orchestration

With so much training and exercises to keep in mind, you’re probably asking yourself  how do we set all this out properly? How do we keep track and how do we handle things in order? That’s where an orchestrator comes in! And yes, if your orchestrator is to operate as a life saver, you need understanding to get the most from it – or you can trust us, we’ve trained a lot on these subjects.

  • Training in the cloud

This might seem obvious but it’s still a good reminder: The media supply chain lives in the cloud now. As a certified AWS global partner, Globecast uses its mastery of AWS’ cloud ecosystem to provide a one-stop shop for cloud playout including 4K live sports, pop-up channels, localisation and disaster recovery, alongside fully orchestrated VOD logistics and asset management. Of course, there are many options and we can work with others to offer a cloud-based infrastructure that brings the flexibility and scalability required in today’s market, alongside powerful analytics and monitoring.


In conclusion: There’s still alot more to talk about, including AI, which is an entire subject on its own. Still, if you have proper access to a pick-up-what-you-need media supply chain then you’re probably feeling ready to win this season. You have the best players, the best plan, the best training scheme and tools. Guess what? You still have the matches to play and win. And guess what again? Not everything goes as planned, so the best strategy can come to nothing if you don’t have great tactics, too.