Published on 6 Feb 2017

Even though the CDN price-per-Gb is regularly decreasing, CDN costs for media delivery are growing every year as audiences, and therefore demand for content, expand. A second factor is that viewers are watching online content for longer periods of time than ever before. We are also seeing the demand for media quality shifting from very compressed to SD and to on to HD, which of course increases CDN capacity demands. In order to satisfy these shifting consumer content requirements while also minimising costs, Globecast is launching its Optim’Net solution, proving that peerassisted media delivery is ready for prime time. Peer-assisted content re-distribution technology is now mature, thanks to HTML5/WebRTC. It essentially combines the best properties of infrastructure CDNs with those that utilise peer-to-peer architecture. Visit stand A8.20 for a full demonstration.

Also presenting:

Migration and Distribution in HD
The transition to HD is something many Globecast customers in the MENA region are
currently addressing. With its in-house technical expertise and years of experience in helping broadcasters expand their offering to new formats and platforms, Globecast will be highlighting how it can help customers handle the migration and distribution to HD using its global experience.

VOD Logistics
Following the launch of Globecast VOD Logistics in 2016, Globecast has continued to increase its platform delivery reach with the volume of content distributed doubling in the past six months. Globecast VOD Logistics makes creation and delivery of VOD packages simple, handling the complex and intricate requirements of each VOD platform. The company assembles and delivers VOD content packages with all the relevant metadata, languages, graphics, subtitles and promos in the technical formats demanded by VOD platforms globally. Globecast manages an extensive and rapidly growing network of VOD platform affiliates, thus ensuring that customers can reach a global audience footprint quickly and efficiently.

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