Published on 3 Sep 2019

Los Angeles, September 3rd 2019 Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, announces that it’s partnering with PSSI Global Services, provider of comprehensive event, transmission and connectivity solutions, to enhance media distribution and contribution services for its customers. These include global distribution of news and sporting events, US teleport backup services, and expanded international programming in the US.

As part of the deal, Globecast has acquired the Galaxy 19 international channel business from PSSI, which includes three Ku-band satellite transponders and associated customers. This arrangement augments Globecast’s already extensive Galaxy 19 suite of customers and increases Globecast’s commitment to the international channel market by 60 percent.  PSSI’s International Teleport will work with Globecast to provide services to the Galaxy 19 customer community as part of this project.

The partnership will also enhance services for customers needing international contribution and distribution of news and sporting events: Globecast will utilize PSSI’s International Teleport and PSSI’s industry-leading fleet of SNG vehicles.

“We’ve worked with Globecast a great deal over the years and when it came to looking at altering the emphasis of our business, expanding and solidifying this relationship made perfect sense for both companies. We are already seeing the benefits,” said Robert Lamb, CEO, PSSI.

Globecast and PSSI previously worked together on the distribution of live events produced by PSSI/Strategic Television. This new deal will expand the international distribution opportunities for both companies and further positions Globecast as the leader in satellite-delivered transnational television programming.

The Galaxy 19 deal closed in July, with PSSI’s International teleport continuing to provide operational support to customers and Globecast, while Globecast’s Culver City Media Center will now support PSSI’s International Teleport with additional products and services.

Eddie Ferraro, Managing Director, the Americas, Globecast, commented, “This is a great deal for both Globecast and PSSI. While we continue to expand our Galaxy 19 business, we are excited about the additional products and services we can provide, building on our respective East and West Coast presence. Our international contribution/distribution partnership is also delivering immediate customer benefits through formalizing our longstanding relationship.”