Published on 23 Jan 2015

In addition to the most complete mix of coverage solutions using satellite capacity, global fibre backbone and CDN networks, the company’s content preparation expertise ensures its clients’ content is correctly formatted, packaged and delivered, to any platform and location. Globecast provides an efficient and modular one-stop “shop” offering, allowing content providers of all shapes and sizes to benefit from economies of scale as well as pay as you “go” or “grow” models.

With a global presence and highly skilled multicultural teams, Globecast works with content providers to create simple and flexible solutions that fit their specific requirements and help them to expand and grow audiences in new territories. The company operates from facilities in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia, and is trusted by the world’s leading content providers.

Focus for CABSAT 2015


Increasingly, broadcasters in the Middle East are looking for ways to adapt their content in order to reach the widest possible audience across multiple regions. Globecast offers unique combination of global resources, cutting-edge facilities, and expert staff on five continents and can assist Middle East customers with everything from securing long-term rights management to delivering content on multiple pay-TV and free-to-air platforms. Globecast offers scalable playout solutions that help broadcasters reduce their backend costs, providing a wide range of bespoke broadcast management services from its Media Factories in in London, Singapore and Los Angeles.

Migration to HD:

The transition to HD is something many Globecast customers in the region are currently addressing. With its in-house technical expertise and years of experience in helping broadcasters expand their offering to new formats and platforms, Globecast is well placed to assist customers with this evolution. New HD Arabic language channels are already being delivered to viewers worldwide, and several of tier one customers in the region have HD rollout plans during the course of 2015.

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