Published on 12 Jan 2015

A need for high-quality broadcasts

PMU has multiple broadcasting requirements: the live transmission of races in France and abroad, the broadcast of their professional channel intended for PMU points of sale (France, Europe, Middle East and Africa) and the distribution of the Equidia channel to their main distributors.
These requirements all meet the primary aims of Equidia, namely: developing and supporting sports betting around the world, and promoting the horse racing industry. Globecast faces the challenge of ensuring impeccable quality of service while streamlining costs.

The Globecast solution: comprehensive and scalable

Globecast offers a flexible, adaptable and scalable solution – bearing in mind the unpredictable nature of live broadcasts – and serves as an interface between channels and operators via its fibre-optic network installed across 27 racecourses. Non-fibre racecourses are connected via an SNG uplink, and races abroad are broadcast by satellite.

Signals are distributed and recovered through ultra-secure circuits. Thanks to intelligent switching, signals are sent back based on the channels’ requirements. A true alternative solution, Globecast provides an SNG truck to correct any malfunctions on a fibre-connected racecourse.

Dedicated teams ensure quality of service on a daily basis

Globecast has developed large-scale resources to meet the requirements of PMU and Equidia:
– A single number for all incidents
– A Customer Service Engineer dedicated to PMU
– 24/7 customer service
– A supervision centre
– A services and solutions expertise division
– An ad hoc desk
– A booking platform

Thanks to dedicated customer support, an international presence and experts with full knowledge of day-to-day business challenges, Globecast offers tailor-made and responsive support.
“We proposed a solution that perfectly complies with PMU’s specifications, thanks to our experienced teams combined with a scalable and completely adaptable solution. Our comprehensive approach means the leading player in the horse racing industry enjoys a synergy that reduces costs while maintaining a very high level of service. Constantly oriented towards the future, we are already focusing on developing the solution by offering, in particular, migration to HD equipment and support abroad, especially in Asia and South America,” concluded Grégoire Courtois, Globecast Account Manager.

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