Published on 8 Sep 2016

LUXEMBOURG, 8 September 2016 — SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) today announced the renewal of a long-term agreement with Globecast, global media solutions provider, for capacity on SES-5 at 5 degrees East.

The multi-year agreement will provide Globecast with the use of more than one transponder on the SES satellite. SES will deliver capacity as well as uplink services from the SES teleport in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, primarily for free-to-air channels targeting sub-Saharan countries.

“At Globecast we provide bespoke content management and delivery solutions, helping our customers reach audiences all over the world. This is only possible with reliable partners at all stages of the content delivery chain and we are happy to continue our long-term partnership with SES,” said Didier Mainard, EVP Sales, Marketing and Communications at Globecast. “The African market is experiencing steady growth in content demand, where viewers are looking for better TV experiences. SES’s highly reliable satellites and infrastructure will further help us in catering for this expanding market need.”

“We are pleased to announce the renewal of SES’s agreement with Globecast, as it will enable our long-term partner to provide top quality content delivery services on a Pan-African scale,” said Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer at SES. “SES’s Sub-Saharan beam combined with SES’s overall technical capabilities will ensure quality transmission. We are delighted to continue working with Globecast to serve millions of households in Africa.”

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