Wherever you are, we take care of your content

Great content requires great services : from LA to Paris, from London to Singapore, we provide you with the best playout and cloud media services.

Playout services

Give us your content and schedules and we’ll do the rest.

– Ensure the highest level of service and consistency with a single point of contact for playout and distribution.

– Our team of playout specialists helps to define and develop the best solution from cloud playout to a fully managed service with rich graphics and live event insertion.

Cloud Media services

Playout services are evolving quickly. Our cloud media services gives you the flexibility required to get the best from your content.

Key features

Globally Interconnected Media Hubs in LA, London, Paris, Singapore
IP-based, virtualized and cloud-ready playout and media services platform
Media management teams servicing your entire digital supply chain
Targeted to meet your international playout requirements
We quickly provide local expertise in media services in your target market
We leverage existing Globecast locations over our private cloud GCBN in addition to our media centers

Media centres

What do you need to be on the cloud?


How is using the cloud going to help linear TV?

Cloud allows an agile Linear TV business

Media Applications in the Cloud Globecast

A complete infrastructure

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