What is “Globecast TV Everywhere”?

Globecast TV Everywhere is a fully managed, OTT Video streaming service. It’s operated by us to prepare media content for our Video Head-end service, coupled with best-in class external partners for backend systems.

How can TV Everywhere help you?

How can we help?
“I have content and I want …”
“…to add to my official Facebook / YouTube / Dailymotion page.”
How can we help?
“I have content and I want …”
“…to generate revenues with paid subscriptions"
“… to add it to my official website with a tab: watch my TV channel, live!”
“…to put my TV channel on a mobile app for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.”
“…to test viewership of my channel in regional markets before launching with affiliate TV platforms.”
“… to add a top-of-page radio player to my official website.”
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Globecast TV Everywhere and OTT Video is continuously selecting and pre-integrating best-in-class industry solutions with proven track records. These partnerships allow Globecast TV Everywhere to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end and one-stop shopping solution, well beyond our video head-end. Revisit here to see new partners as our ecosystem grows

Our Industry Partners

The details
Content preparation

Encoding/transcoding live and on demand media in H.264 and also H.265 multi-bitrates layers to allow your end-users to get the best content based on their actual available bandwidth and to adapt to changing conditions, thanks to adaptive bitrate switching at the client side;

Packaging transcoded media in various OTT streaming media formats, such as Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) which is nowadays the de-facto standard and can be played-back on most, if not all devices, well beyond only Apple products. Other formats may include MPEG-DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS) and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

Multi-DRM media content encryption, relating to an external DRM service platform (key server for packager; license server for devices)

Live Time-Shifting, offering the end-user full live play-back control, allowing them to navigate via a time buffer, to return to the beginning of a TV Show for example.

Content delivery

Once prepared using OTT streaming media formats at the output stage of our video head-end, content is delivered to the audience on the internet in multiple ways, with several optional features:

OVP ingest to publish the OTT content on the most popular online video platforms, using RTMP publishing points, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Dailymotion Live

CDN ingest to move the OTT content onto a Content Delivery Network

CDN content protection using Token Authentication mechanism, blocking content sharing from a legitimate user and avoiding unauthorized content reuse on pirate platforms

CDN content secured delivery using HTTPS/SSL/TLS

Geo-blocking to restrict and block access to content per country/territory

Usage reporting

Our audience metrics bring real value to the clients when speaking to their board about content reach, thanks to client-side statistics and a web portal to browse audience metrics that are live-TV oriented. This allows you to easily discover when your prime time is on, on what devices, from where and for how long your audience is watching.

Optim’Net CDN off-loading

Thanks to our innovative technology, powered by EasyBroadcast, Globecast Optim’Net service allows you to benefit from your prime time reach on the internet and turn this large audience into a mesh network of peers sharing you content among themselves. This helps reduce CDN use, saving cost and bringing a better user experience to your audience, including very fast playback start time. This technology relies on a modern HTML5 standard called WebRTC and doesn’t require any web browser plugin installation.

See the online demo 

Advanced features

Some advanced features are also supported by Globecast TV Everywhere, such as:

– Multiple audio tracks support for live TV (input and OTT streaming output);

– Multichannel 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound support for OTT audio delivery

– Subtitles and closed caption support for live TV (input and OTT streaming output);

– Cue in / Cue out support for content/ad replacement, such as SCTE-35 triggers input and output content discontinuity markers i, allowing the implementation of live stream stitching for cloud-side ad replacement, dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and targeted advertising.

– Live-to-File de-linearization / TV content clipping for catch-up TV service and network PVR TV recording, based on external cue in / cue out triggers, such as the live TV electronic program guide (EPG) or end-user scheduled recording instructions received via the back-end platform.

Business models

Globecast allows you to implement different models, such as: supported, free-to-view with registration, subscription pay-TV, pay-per-view and SVOD.

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