Our main services

Distribution to audience

Globecast helps media companies and content owners/aggregators transition to digital or relaunch their OTT offering, allowing them to go direct-to consumer, reaching a growing online audience, learning from data and accessing new monetization options

Infrastructure for Remote Production

With over 25 years of expertise in handling major live Sports events, Globecast has naturally extended its range of services to support remote production globally.

Satellite and IP Connect

Optimize your primary distribution anywhere with our hybrid, cost-effective, and end-to-end services

Cloud Playout and Pop-up Channel

Create and manage international channels quickly and efficiently with minimal upfront investment

Disaster Recovery

In time of high stress and pressure, when your media service suffers a critical outage, it is comforting to have Globecast as your Disaster Recovery partner

Distribution to audience Infrastructure for Remote Production Satellite and IP Connect Cloud Playout and Pop-up Channel Disaster Recovery

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Globecast clients
Creative picture of a building with interesting architecture design
Creative picture of a building with interesting architecture design
Creative picture of a building with interesting architecture design
What our clients say

“We are the first ever in the industry to set up a worldwide distribution strategy through IP & fiber with Globecast

Michael Peters, Euronews

What our clients say

“Through their help, coupled with sophisticated technology from Globecast, we’re delighted to expand TRT World to millions of viewers across the Americas and Asia”

– Ibrahim Eren, TRT

What our clients say

“This is a major milestone for Arirang TV, and we’re delighted to bring our programmes to a new British audience. We chose Globecast to deliver our content because of its reputation, network reach and strong relationships with platforms like Sky.”

– Leo Park, Arirang TV

What our clients say

“Cooperation between France Télévisions and Globecast has existed since the beginning of live transmissions of these races. The experience we have gained together has been a major factor in enabling us to overcome technical challenges and to succeed with them (digital transition, HD…).”

– Anne Souché, France Televisions

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