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Published on 27 Mar 2018

By Benoit Lenoble, International Terrestrial Networks Solution Product Manager

Here’s something to ponder: can you really use the public internet to deliver broadcast-quality content in the same way that you rely on satellite and fiber? Is it possible to get the same quality of service – or very close to – without having to worry about glitches and dropouts? The short answer is, yes. We have a service that does this, and we have several customers using it (more on that later).

Our GCXN service, which we’ve developed in partnership with Net Insight, lets customers create and distribute broadcast-quality content wherever they are located at a lower cost than using traditional fibre or satellite. By using the public internet, GCXN takes end-to-end control of the delivery of your assets quickly, safely and securely everywhere in the world. It’s built upon our existing Nimbra-based media network from Net Insight, which includes 65 Nimbra Video Appliances (VA) that give you tools to understand when and where in the network an issue occurs. You can manage all your network resources in one place and simplify how your network runs.

GCXN delivers the same quality and experience as our existing fiber and satellite solutions but at a more flexible OPEX-based price model. And it’s simple at the customer’s end; all they need is a dedicated internet access, and 1U rack space available. With this, you can deliver broadcast-quality content every time. That’s because we ensure real-time video transport through lost packets and buffer optimization protocols. We guarantee 99,9% reliability from Globecast’s facilities over the public internet to your reception device on your premises.

As I said earlier, we have several customers who’ve already deployed our GCXN solution with great success, including Euronews, one of the most watched international news channels in Europe. They needed a fast and reliable way to reach more affiliates with more dedicated content/language variants of their channel as cost effectively as possible. By deploying our GCXN solution, Euronews was able to deliver content for eight new tailor-made channels among 12 language services.

After the content is received by Globecast in Paris from Euronews, the channels are delivered via the GCXN service to operators worldwide and are broadcast over satellite, cable, and IPTV to consumers across various regions. The content is delivered to around 60 affiliates and the eight channels are available in: English, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. They were created as part of Euronews’ NEXT strategic program to empower its multi-cultural audience. This helped lower their costs significantly.

Let’s also take the case of the 24/7 international news channel France 24. This is similar to the Euronews model with the France 24 signal sent to affiliates across the US and South America using GCXN.

Another GCXN customer is Grupo Super Canal, an independently owned, fully equipped global media broadcasting, production and postproduction company specializing in international media. Grupo Super Canal uses GCXN for primary delivery of their channels Dominican View, Super Canal Caribe and Super Canal HD from their studios in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and their channel Tele El Salvador from their studios in El Salvador to Globecast’s media center in Culver City, CA for distribution across the US. GCXN provides a cost-effective, scalable and high-quality solution for channel delivery that has been an ideal part of their network infrastructure.


As I think we’ve made pretty clear, GCXN delivers universal reach with a secure connection and requires very little from the content provider. With a global team of experts at each level, we take care of everything customers need to have them up and running in only a few short weeks. If you want to know more about this exciting technology, drop us a line or send us a tweet. Our team would love to speak with you!