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Published on 24 Jul 2019

By Tim Jackson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Globecast Americas

Picture this: you’re at a large, corporate event at a hotel, where far away team members need to connect to your live video presentation and the hotel simply can’t provide the guaranteed bandwidth required. Perhaps it’s a live, high-quality video presentation from the CEO, discussing the latest quarterly results, which needs to be streamed to analysts around the world. Raise your hand if you’ve been in situations like these — in places and at events where networks fail or are inconsistent. The outcome generally isn’t pretty.

Then there’s disaster recovery/disaster avoidance. Say there’s construction work near one key office and there’s a real danger connectivity might be affected. How can you quickly deploy an additional IP connectivity solution, or perhaps augment your network with additional bandwidth, to avoid any issues but without spending the time and money to change your full-time configuration? What we are talking about is the growing need for temporary, premium quality, two-way IP networks for special projects. With this growth comes the importance of stable, cost effective and easily deployed IP connectivity.

Globecast Virtual Networking

We’ve developed Globecast Virtual Networking (Globecast VN) in direct response to what we’re seeing in the market. This is fast, reliable IP connectivity, anywhere and anytime. Where terrestrial and wireless networks fail or are inconsistent, Globecast VN is perfect for corporate productions, events with high attendance where cell service bandwidth is scarce, and many situations where internet connectivity is uncertain.

This new offering, which is ideal for corporate and live events, provides internet connectivity for any situation at a remote site. With Globecast VN, media, event producers and content providers can easily deliver streaming, file transfers, Wi-Fi, 4K, 8K and 360-degree live content using native IP-based satellite transmission from remote locations. The connection is rock solid and of course it’s two-way. Sounds like a lot? Let me explain.

Satellite Over IP Virtual Network Globecast


How Globecast VN Works

Globecast Virtual Networking is designed specifically for the enterprise (B2B) market, providing a cost-effective, premium quality, IP-over-satellite solution. Stepping back: in early 2018 we announced an initial partnership with CBTV, who are based in Santa Barbara, CA. CBTV is a leading provider of news/special event remote connectivity via satellite, specializing in Internet protocol networked transmissions. CBTV initially supplied RF/modem modulation, IP switching, and routing equipment to connect customers using the platform to Globecast’s Culver City Media Center, centralized media hub and worldwide backbone. We have now extended the relationship to create an end-to-end, fully integrated service offering.

Mobile Internet and Satellite Connectivity Globecast VN


Globecast VN has a lot of great advantages: incredibly durable connectivity and fixed IP addresses; secure and reliable bandwidth for live streaming; rapid deployment for disaster recovery; flexible IP paring with traditional video for live news coverage. It’s ideal for special events/festivals/remote sites and retreats in areas with no or poor coverage.

Another key aspect of Globecast VN is that it works with cellular bonding technologies to increase bandwidth at sites where bonding kits are being used. Why is this useful? Because when there are too many cellular bonding kits active at one specific location, mobile networks can overload. Globecast VN augments the cellular network with satellite to provide a Wi-Fi network, and those on the ground don’t care that it’s satellite! What they care about is that they’re able to connect and deliver their content; do things like voice over IP, live high-quality video, radio broadcasting or anything that requires connectivity. This is the beauty of Globecast VN, because being connected in this capacity means we can deliver these signals around the world.

Secure and reliable

Globecast VN is another example of how we are strongly positioned to offer secure and reliable data delivery in what is a rapidly evolving market. We are initially launching the service in the US. If you need high-availability bandwidth for an upcoming event, especially if you’re going to be in an area where connectivity is inadequate, get in touch with us to find out how our Virtual Networking product can work for you.