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Published on 5 Apr 2018

By Juliet Walker, Chief Marketing Officer

We are launching a new series: after Question Time!, The Eye, The Score and The Quote, please welcome Meet & Greet. This will be a series of video interviews of Globecasters (to start with). And that raises a question: why are we filming ourselves?

Who do you work with?

Being customer-centric and filming your own employees? It seems counterintuitive, but, in thinking about our customers, and potential customers, it occurred to us that you might want to know who you’ll be working with. You can trust a brand, and we hope you trust our brand and our company, but really you work with humans. So that’s what we’re doing here; presenting to you some of the humans you might work with. This is so you get a feeling of who they are, what they do and what they think about our industry.

Happy Globecasters, happy customers?

All interviewees were free to say what they liked, then we edited the footage and asked them if they were happy with the result. We hope that the general tone of the videos gives a good insight into who we are and how happy we are. As Philippe Bernard, Globecast CEO says: “To have happy customers, we need to have happy employees”. We can’t pretend that 100% of our customers are 100% happy, but we challenge ourselves to improve on a daily basis. We’ll leave it to you to judge how happy Globecasters are.

Paving the future

This launch is the first step but in the second part of our plan, we’d like to interview customers, partners and influencers too. But we’re not there yet – watch this space!

Please Meet & Greet Jenna, Eddie, Juliet, Redgie, Christine, Benoit, Catrina and many more to come.