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Published on 20 Mar 2018

Answering your needs and their wants with accurate, flexible and secure solutions

We’re thrilled to be heading to NAB 2018 soon, highlighting a range of very exciting services including our cloud playout offering, our GCXN solution and liveSpotter. Why are these offerings important and relevant to media professionals and content providers? Because they deliver three necessary features that will undoubtedly make your job easier: accuracy, flexibility and security.


At a time when content providers are under incredible pressure to deliver meaningful content on time, within budget, and to audiences anytime and anywhere, an accurate technology solution is crucial.

Competition is fierce and delivering the right content via the right platform is key; it’s about reaching the same audience at a lower cost and, in many cases, reaching a more targeted audience, whether through a pop-up channel or a fixed time.


To achieve accuracy, you need flexibility, especially if you’re on a tight budget (and who isn’t?).

Flexibility means nothing if it’s not tied to cost. Everybody can be flexible but at what cost? Are you, for example, setting up a satellite link between Sao Paulo and Moscow? We do that every day. But what if you need “lighter” connectivity, or playout for a few weeks, or transcoding capacities overflow? You need to make sure you’re getting a good ROI with all of your technology choices.

Security and business continuity

We live in a hyper-connected era and security is a real and valid concern for broadcasters and rights holders, especially with the wave of cybersecurity threats in the past few years. What happens in the case of a technical disaster?  That’s not necessarily something we want to think about, but it’s absolutely something we should think about. Visit us at NAB this year to find out how we’re focusing on security and business continuity.

See you in Las Vegas!


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