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Published on 13 Sep 2017

Since I joined Globecast, My Motto is : “Customer first”. To put the customer at the center of our strategy, of our jobs, of the life of the company.

In that respect, we developed a new website to address the key questions :

  • Who are you?
  • What challenges are you facing today ?
  • What are the changes in media, entertainment and technology that will impact your company?
  • What are you expecting from the industry and from Globecast?

Because we know there is big change in our industry and it is hard to keep up, we are launching the Globecaster Blog alongside our new website. Due to our global presence, deep technical expertise and history in the industry, we are uniquely positioned to filter out the important trends and issues from the hubbub of daily events.  With “The Globecaster” we hope to bring you these in an easy to read, digestible format – so please register to the newsletter, or bookmark us /  log on regularly.

In a world changing faster than ever, the Globecaster will look backward and forward, to prepare a bright future together.

I hope it will bring you as much value as we will put into it.

Philippe Bernard