Published on 5 Sep 2018

Globecast announces integrated cross-platform live content monetization with Digital Media Hub

IBC, Amsterdam, stand no. 1.A29  — 15th September 2018 Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, today announces the launch of its new Digital Media Hub suite of services for sport and live events. Facilitating cross-platform live content publishing, it significantly increases content monetization opportunities in what are highly competitive markets.

Liz McParland, commercial director for contribution and global coordination at Globecast, said, “Content creators, broadcasters and rights holders all need to be able to maximize the value of their live content and its ROI and that means being able to reach potential viewers wherever they are across a wide range of devices. Our Digital Media Hub provides this level of content publishing flexibility via an integrated suite of services that can also be accessed in a modular way, all with the benefit of using a single supplier.”

By aggregating multiple virtualized and cloud-based technologies into a single ecosystem, Digital Media Hub allows a live feed to be treated in multiple ways to create content suitable for cross-platform use, in both real-time or at a later date.

The live feed can be used for linear playout or to stream to live platforms of the rights holder’s choice, including social media, apps or websites. Using the same live feed, short or long form content can be manually or automatically clipped, edited, metadata attached and shared. For example, highlight clips can be shared quickly on social media to maximize viewer engagement or packages created for OTT platforms.

All the clipped content – short- and long-form – is then made available via Globecast’s new Marketplace Platform in multiple formats/different sizes – including at broadcast quality – and branded using customers’ brand guidelines. This platform facilitates content exchange between any relevant parties, including selling that content, in hassle-free transactions.  This also includes archiving existing content for the long term and making that content easily available to third parties – historical sports events being a prime example. All these services can be easily monitored throughout the process using our digital supervision tool.

Digital Media Hub has been developed in conjunction with a number of rights holders with these services already having been used by them.

McParland said, “The growth in the amount of material that has to be acquired and delivered to feed all these platforms – linear TV in multiple formats/resolutions, live streaming, pop-up channels, VOD packages, real-time creation of highlights for social media and the ability to exchange and sell clipped content – is very significant. Our Digital Media Hub takes advantage of the latest in virtualized and cloud-based technologies to create a wide range of services that provide real-world live content monetization opportunities.”