Published on 27 Feb 2024

We are Back on the SHOW FLOOR

Globecast will be highlighting the latest developments in our Cloud Your Way strategy Globecast’s CloudMediaHub incorporates Cloud, Internet, Fiber, 4G, 5G and Satellite. We design, integrate and service advanced multi-networks and hybrid cloud solutions that power broadcast, media and entertainment’s live and on-demand content, end-to-end production, reach, engagement and monetization. We offer 2500 TV channels worldwide in our CloudMediaHub for enrichment, distribution and delivery, 6 MCRs/NOCs in L.A., London, Paris, Roma, Johannesburg and Singapore and manage 7,500 permanent services and 100,000 events per year.

Content Monetization and the Future

Find out how we can help you begin, transform or accelerate your cloud journey. Proliferation of AI and advancements in enriching broadcast content metadata and driving more detailed performance metrics are making the cloud a requirement because it’s a software-based world. This will also enable continued hyper-regionalization of ad targeting, shoppable technologies and other things as consumers adopt content and marketing value from streaming, to wearable technology, and metaverse applications.