Published on 11 May 2016

The NAB Technology Innovation Award is given in recognition of significant contribution to broadcasting and is given to companies or organisations that bring advanced technology exhibits and demonstrations to the show. The 4EVER-2 consortium received this year’s award for “Demonstrating Important Benefits and Features of Ultra High Definition Television over Different Types of Networks”.

4Ever presented its UHD-TV HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HFR (High Frame Rate) demonstrations during the show, illustrating three UHD-TV aspects: spatial definition (4K); contrast and detail levels (High Dynamic Range, HDR); and motion rendering (High Frame Rate, HFR). The new ATSC3.0 standard was used for delivering the HDR version, while HFR was encoded real-time with HEVC technology on an end-to-end live chain over IPTV. Following on from the successful 4EVER project (June 2012-June2015), 4EVER-2 began in June 2015 with nine partners (Orange, AMPVisualTV, ATEME, France Televisions, Globecast, Highlands Technologies Solutions, INSA, TeamCast, and Telecom ParisTech).

Following on from its initial successful work in High Frame Rate evaluations and High Dynamic Range live production, the group will continue collaborating with major industrial manufacturers to evaluate their technologies and demonstrate live operations during premium sports and cultural events. They will also continue contributing to standardisation bodies and international forums working on Ultra High Definition, and will share their visual assessment results and live trial results with these communities.

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