Published on 30 Jun 2015

Globecast has worked with British Muslim TV since June 2014, when it was chosen to help the channel launch on the Sky platform and deliver an OTT service. British Muslim TV used to operate on a donation-only basis, but now using Globecast tools is able to better monetise its content via VoD using a simple payment tool.

Globecast has enabled British Muslim TV to create a monthly subscription VoD and OTT offering with unlimited access to British Muslim TV content. This can be accessed via multiple devices. Content is received once, processed by Globecast and packaged for VoD and delivered for OTT access as needed. British Muslim TV can analyze viewer habits, then update its catalogue accordingly, increasing satisfaction with, and usage of, the service.

Wasim Akhtar, Director of Marketing Communications at British MuslimTV, said, “With the addition of our new VoD service, Globecast has helped us to monetise our existing content more effectively and allowed us to respond better to our viewers’ needs, thereby growing our subscriber base more efficiently. They provided an intuitive solution, that allows us to deliver greater visibility of our content for a longer period of time; not only are we offering our audience more ways to access content, but we can also gain additional revenue from existing assets that can then be used to deliver a more unique
offering to our viewers.”

Pete Elvidge, Head of Media Management at Globecast, said, “Our work with British Muslim TV is a perfect illustration of how Globecast provides a complete end-to-end media services and OTT solutions offering for broadcasters. Content only has to be given to us once, and we can then deliver it to any platform, in any location and this can be done in a way that scales to suit the customer’s needs.”

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