Published on 23 Aug 2017

As reliable as winter, IBC is coming. It will soon be opening its doors. This year it runs from 14th-18th of September for the conferences and 15th -19th for the exhibition. We are highlighting three mains solutions so we thought we would put perspective and provide you with information, insights on related topics. Here are the three topics we’ll cover during the next three weeks on our social networks.


While this has been a topic for some years, we are now very much operating in a fragmented market: more devices, more formats, more services and companies involved. There is value in making this fragmentation as smoothly and invisible as possible. Our latest media manager and VOD offerings are a prime example and will be on show.


IP is of course not new to our industry. What’s new is the move now to it across the sector, from production to consumption. It is a massive change for the industry and won’t happen overnight but it will impact on every aspect, including security. Come and see our GCXN solution that allows the highly flexible and cost-effective transport of video signals over the public internet.

Customer Experience

This is another topic that, while not new, is very important. Directly or not, customer experience is at the heart of many companies, whether they are B2B or B2C. As competition keeps increasing and as fragmentation keeps making life more and more challenging, CX is more important than ever. We will highlight our new customer portal that provides a more interactive way of working.

And on your side, what would be your choice or subject of interest for this IBC ?

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