Published on 5 Sep 2019

Paris, 5th September 2019 — Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has announced the launch of Globecast Managed Cloud Network (Globecast MCN), responding to pressures across the sports broadcasting market for more content more of the time, to affiliates and viewers.

Liz McParland, Global Contribution Worldwide and Commercial Director of Contribution UK, said, “The sports broadcasting market is often at the forefront of innovation, given the level of competition for both viewers and sports rights, with the latter increasing in cost. Responding to multiple customer enquiries, Globecast has continued to grow its cloud platform services, the result being Globecast MCN. This allows affiliates to access more content from more sports, with the Globecast quality guarantee, at price points that reflect current market requirements.”

Taking a tennis tournament as the example, Globecast MCN allows multiple additional feeds to be fed into the cloud at the nearest POP, transported across the world in the cloud and then received at an affiliate’s nearest POP. This allows the affiliate to air the content – following matches they choose – without the additional cost of more fibre-delivered feeds and the risk of purely public internet. As competitions move from location to location, this also provides a very simple way to deliver content without the need for onsite installation, with the processing and management complexity handled in the cloud. We can also take care of last-mile connectivity too.

Globecast supplies an end-to-end solution, including management, signal monitoring – Globecast has multiple, dedicated 24×7 MCRs around the world with comprehensive monitoring capabilities – cloud routing, content security and transport layers. This can include the management of affiliates via a Globecast-provided 24/7 helpdesk. The Globecast MCN routing allows affiliates to request only the feed(s) they need to save bandwidth costs.

Globecast MCN sits alongside Globecast BN, the company’s fibre backbone solution, and Globecast XN, its public internet suite of services.

McParland said, “This is not only about supplying additional feeds, it can also be used for the delivery of primary feeds where fibre or satellite isn’t possible or is prohibitively expensive. At Globecast we work to the mantra of delivering content from anywhere to anywhere, partnering with our customers to fully understand their issues. Combined with our years of experience, we then create platforms that overcome these issues and create new opportunities. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We have created fluid, flexible services that we can supply as required.”

Come and see Globecast MCN on the Globecast stand 1.A29 at IBC 2019.