Published on 27 Feb 2020

On show at NAB 2020

The new reality of cloud playout

Globecast will be highlighting its latest global cloud playout technological and service model developments as the company continues to lead the way across the next phase of real-world deployments. Globecast has worked with a portfolio of clients over the past two years or more on a range of cloud services; not least using cloud playout for the launch, in the UK, of Virgin’s TV Ultra HD channel in the fall of 2018. It has developed a deep technological understanding of where the real benefits of cloud playout lie, with its suite of services having evolved in innovative ways to originate television channels – be that permanent or pop-up – based on an OPEX not CAPEX model. This allows for tremendous flexibility and significantly reduces time-to-market, providing a greater ease of entry for those programmers wishing to engage in high-quality television distribution. Globecast will be highlighting its latest customer developments and deployments at NAB 2020.

New Live sports content acquisition platform for online video distribution

Globecast will be highlighting its development of a new live sports content acquisition service designed to satisfy the needs of direct-to-consumer online platforms as they continue to enter the sports rights market. As these internet-based companies start winning these sports rights (across the value spectrum), they require a new service model from providers like Globecast. They need a media services supplier who understands how to deliver live, broadcast quality, sports content from anywhere in the world, in a highly secure manner, to their online platforms. Globecast has used its renowned expertise in premium level sports content to handle these huge volumes of content: managing the acquisition and distribution across the entire chain and deploying the latest in high-volume, premium quality encoding technology at its Media Center in Culver City.

Globecast VN – meeting the growing need for premium, two-way IP connectivity any time, any place

Globecast VN is a practical, cost-efficient service that brings two-way, high bandwidth, IP-over-satellite connectivity to any location at any time where terrestrial networks fail or are inconsistent. It can be deployed quickly and easily. Globecast VN is a response to the need, across the B2B space, for fast, reliable, IP connectivity at any location and Globecast has already seen significant deployments. With Globecast VN, media event producers and content creators can easily deliver streaming, file transfers, Wi-Fi, 4K, 8K and 360-degree live content using native IP-based satellite transmission from remote locations via a premium quality, guaranteed high-bandwidth solution.

In addition, Globecast VN is also great for live sports and other contribution events – this year’s US elections being a prime example – or to deliver a signal, or group of signals, to a remote venue: a key example being offsite production workflows where multiple feeds are brought back to a master control room for live distribution.

Also on show

Globecast will also be highlighting the latest expansion to the Galaxy 19 platform and international channel business which it acquired as part of a wider deal with PSSI in 2019, including three Ku-band satellite transponders and associated customers. This arrangement augmented Globecast’s already extensive Galaxy 19 suite of customers and immediately increased Globecast’s commitment to the international channel market by 60 percent.