Published on 21 Jul 2015

Quran Hidayah is based on readings of The Noble Quran in multiple languages, the largest network to broadcast the Noble Quran with 40 channels in total (across 30 languages) being distributed by Globecast. Digital Media has been working with Quran Hidayah International Network to create these channels, providing a wide range of production services.

Globecast hosts Digital Media’s state-of-the-art playout platform and provides the services around that to manage the playout servers. Digital Media is managing the content and uploading it using remote playout capabilities. For operators this means they can upload the content remotely, using a simple web-based scheduling app, organising the playlist via that application.

Globecast is also providing encoding and multiplexing and, of course, fibre and satellite distribution. The encoded signals are distributed globally on six satellites, with fibre distribution to the various uplink sites. The channels are distributed on: AsiaSat5 (uplinked from Amman, Jordan); Arabsat5C (uplinked from Amman, Jordan); Palapa1D (uplinked from Jakarta, Indonesia); Galaxy19 (uplinked from Culver City, Los Angeles); HotBird (uplinked from Paris, France); Hispasat1C (uplinked from Madrid, Spain).

The channels will also be distributed in real time on YouTube with Globecast providing the encoding/streaming to YouTube, using the live signal. All the satellite channels have been launched with a phased launch of the YouTube services through July.

Giorgio Giacomini, Globecast Middle East Managing Director, says, “This is a very major project that has required a great deal of careful thought and planning. We worked closely with Digital Media across this project, using our technical and market expertise to provide a complete playout and distribution structure with inbuilt flexibility.”

Ayman Lasheen, Digital Media Managing Director, adds, “We are very pleased to announce the launch of Quran Hidayah channels. The Quran Hidayah bouquet is intended to be the new worldwide trademark in Islamic and Quranic channels. Globecast is providing us with excellent distribution services; no other provider can deliver this level of connectivity to playout and distribute this number of channels in such a technically elegant and cost effective way.”

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