Published on 12 Jul 2022

Stand: 1.B30

New at IBC 2022: Globecast announces key strategic growth initiatives to continue to drive customer digital transformation  

Globecast is taking the opportunity to explore and explain its fresh market approach across key sectors at IBC 2022.

Using its vast global experience, in-depth market research, analysis, and discussions with customers around the world, Globecast, leader of integrated solutions for media, has identified four key strategic growth initiatives to continue to drive customers’ digital transformation, supported by significant investment: end-to-end OTT video ecosystem integration; media supply chain cloud services; remote production connectivity and production hosting; and digital platforms using Globecast Media Hub services.

OTT Winning Ecosystem

With the OTT market valued at $101bn in 2021, and expected to reach $223bn by 2026, according to Mordor Intelligence, Globecast has integrated a rich ecosystem of partners to deliver end-to-end OTT video solutions by leveraging the cloud. This Globecast ecosystem allows customers to better monetise their multiscreen offer via secure, robust and flexible technologies with optimised business and technical solutions.


Media Supply Chain

Globecast’s media supply chain strategic initiative is designed to ensure that customers get the most from their media. As a certified AWS global partner, Globecast uses its mastery of AWS’ cloud ecosystem to provide a one-stop shop for cloud playout including 4K live sports, pop-up channels, localisation and disaster recovery, alongside fully orchestrated VOD logistics and asset management. The company’s cloud-based infrastructure brings the flexibility and scalability required in today’s market, alongside powerful analytics and monitoring.


Remote Production

As is clear to see, remote production deployment, and remote production more generally, accelerated during the pandemic. Key to this is hybrid connectivity (5G, fibre, Internet, cloud) using Globecast’s unrivalled low latency, highly resilient, large capacity networks. The company’s agile global reach is enhanced by partnerships with production facilities around the world and additional network providers when required. Remote production hosting services, via Globecast Hubs, enables the company to act as a customer’s local studio with remote commentary cabins, studios for post-production/editing and signal aggregation using the latest edge computing technologies.


Digital Platforms

The company’s digital platforms initiative, a natural extension of its traditional media customer base, is able to answer the dedicated needs of major D2C platforms, including the FAANGs, Metaverse and regional equivalents, alongside maritime and inflight video platforms. This includes contribution and advanced media management services supported by global NOCs and Globecast’s expertise in traditional and evolutionary video services.


Executives will be available at the show to provide demonstrations and customer examples across the company’s offerings.