Published on 17 Feb 2015

In addition to the most complete range of coverage solutions using satellite capacity, global fibre backbone and over-the-top delivery on CDN networks, the company’s content preparation expertise ensure its clients’ media is correctly formatted, packaged and delivered to any platform and location. Globecast provides an efficient and modular one-stop “shop” offering, allowing content providers of all shapes and sizes to benefit from economies of scale as well as pay as you “go” or “grow” models.

With a global presence and highly skilled multicultural teams, Globecast engages with content providers to create simple and flexible solutions that fit their specific requirements and help them to expand and grow audiences in new territories. The company operates from facilities in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia, and is trusted by the world’s leading content providers.

New at NAB 2015

New US Media Factory: At NAB 2015 Globecast is introducing a range of US market developments to the company’s media management capabilities. These follow on from the recent completion of a brand new Media Factory facility at Culver City, CA as well as a new Media Hub in Miami. This significant investment strengthens the company’s presence, providing leading-edge media management and playout services using best-in-class technologies. The new facilities in LA and Miami, along with the already established Media Factories in Singapore, London as well as the Media Centre in Paris, form a global, interconnected network that can deliver media services in all locations.

Media Factory global solution
Globecast’s Media Factory leverages the company’s proven expertise in handling both linear and on-demand services through playout and over-the-top solutions. It delivers on the promise to take content from anywhere in the world, process it in any way required, and then deliver it anywhere to any device.
The Media Factory approach provides dedicated operations management in close cooperation with clients and goes beyond traditional media management and logistics services. Globecast can handle everything from content preparation, formatting, quality control, to creative services and compliance review and editing, cost-effectively. This allows customers to benefit from a coherent workflow that speeds time-to-market with content that is ready to use.

Localisation and monetisation of content: In an ever more competitive media landscape, Globecast understands the business imperatives and the complexity of efficient content monetisation on every screen. The company has multiple solutions to help broadcasters achieve this objective: from handling local channel branding through advertising management, compliance work, rights management services, to advanced content selling tools and analytics for all online video services.

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